Gifted & Talented Resources for West Michigan

The recommendations below come directly from GTRN parents. GT Resource Network receives no endorsements of any kind.


Re-Forming Gifted Education: Matching the Program to the Child by Karen Rogers, PhD
Because current programs for gifted students are often inadequate and do not fit the child, parents need to present schools with workable educational plans. **THIS BOOK IS A MUST-OWN**

Guiding the Gifted Child by James Webb
Gifted children have unique social and emotional concerns. Their characteristics, combined with current educational practice, often put them at risk for problems. This book is a classic in the field.

Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner by Linda Kreger Silverman, PhD

Raising Topsy-Turvy Kids: Successfully Parenting Your Visual-Spatial Child by Allie Golon

If You Could See the Way I Think: A Handbook for Visual-Spatial Kids by Allie Golon

Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom by Susan Winebrenner
The "orange bible of gifted education". A must for all regular classroom teachers.

The Young Gifted Child by Joan Smutny
Joan is the expert on young gifted.

The Gifted Kids Survival Guide by Jim Delisle and Judy Galbraith
Own this book! It covers all issues gifted kids confront, and it is written for the kids to read.

Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World by Jeffrey Freed
This book will knock your socks off and change your life! It will help you understand how your ADD kid thinks.

Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades by Sylvia Rimm

What's Bad About Being Too Good? by Marie Adderholt
Many gifted people experience "paralyzing perfectionism". A great read for the perfectionist in the family.

Smart Girls, Gifted Women by Barbara Kerr, PhD
Gifted girls face unique challenges and require different tactics than boys.

Smart Boys: Talent, Manhood, and the Search for Meaning by Barbara Kerr, PhD and Stanford Cohn, PhD
Why do so many of our brightest boys and young men underachieve in school and fail to reach their full potential in the world of work?

Some of my Best Friends are Books: Guiding Gifted Readers from Pre-school to High School by Judith Wynn Halsted, M.S.


Free Spirit Press: An award-winning publisher of books and learning materials for children and teens, parents, educators, counselors, and everyone else who cares about kids. Many great books related to gifted education are available.

Prufrock Press: The leading publisher supporting the education of gifted children.

Critical Thinking Press: Materials for enrichment or home schooling gifted children

Great Potential Press: Books for parents and teachers of gifted students.

Helpful Products for Writing

AlphaSmart NEO: A simple, portable, low-cost computer companion. Also available, an affordable, versatile, Palm OS laptop alternative. Great for taking notes.

TI Keyboard: A keyboard that connects to your Texas Instruments graphing calculator. Take notes on the keyboard/calculator and download them right into a word processor on your computer.

Dragon Naturally Speaking: Speech to text software that is very accurate and easy to use.

Inspiration and KIDspiration Software: For visual learners. Inspiration is for students grade 6 to adult to plan, brainstorm, organize, outline, and write. KIDspiration inspires students K-5 to see, organize, and develop ideas.

Word Prediction Software: Software that "knows" what you want to type greatly reduces the number of keystrokes.

MathType Software: Software that lets you type math symbols on your word processor.

Web Links

Hoagies Gifted Education Page
THE place to start for everything gifted

Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education
Information on gifted education in Michigan. GT Resource Network is an affiliate of MAGE

National Association for Gifted Children
The national advocacy group for gifted education

Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University
Home of the Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search and Learning Links online classes

Academically Talented Youth Program (ATYP)
Accelerated math and language arts classes for middle school students weekly at the Kent Intermediate School District campus. For more information please contact:

Mary Nell W. Baldwin, Kent ATYP director
Kent Intermediate School District
2930 Knapp NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
(616) 364-1333

Davidson Institute for Talent Development
Home of the Davidson Young Scholars program for profoundly gifted youth.

Genius Denied
How to stop wasting our brightest young minds. Advocacy information and database with articles on gifted issues.

The Gifted Exchange (blog)
A blog covering recent gifted issues.

Calvin College Academic Camps for Excellence
Summer day camps for gifted middle school students right here in Grand Rapids! Need-based scholarships available from GTRN.

Yunasa Camp for highly gifted students
An overnight camp in Michigan for highly gifted students ages 10+. The focus is on the social and emotional aspects of giftedness. A life-changing experience!

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